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HP Pavillion dv6000 (AMD) processor support

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CPU support summary

Keene, Taylor,
Trinidad, Tyler
Technology (micron):
0.065, 0.09
Cores / Threads:
1 - 2
Frequency (MHz):
1600 - 2000
L2 cache (KB):
256 - 1024
TDP (Watt):
25 - 35

HP Pavillion dv6000 (AMD) system specifications

CPU socket type:Socket S1

There were two variations of HP Pavillion dv6000 - one with AMD, and another with Intel processor. This CPU support list is for HP dv6000 laptop with AMD CPU.

HP Pavillion dv6000 (AMD) CPU compatibility list

AMD Mobile Sempron
3200+, 1.6 GHz   
3400+, 1.8 GHz   
3500+, 1.8 GHz   
AMD Turion 64 X2
TL-50, 1.6 GHz   
TL-52, 1.6 GHz   
TL-56, 1.8 GHz   
TL-60, 2 GHz   

To determine part numbers for the HP Pavillion dv6000 (AMD) system we used best guess approach based on CPU model, frequency and features. In some cases our guess may be incorrect or incomplete. Please always verify part numbers before committing to buying the CPU.


There are 7 comments posted

further update

2010-09-24 20:23:05
Posted by:

Hp service manual claim that update to Turion Ultra ZM-87 will run at 2,4 Ghz


2010-09-24 21:22:42
Posted by: Gennadiy

The laptop has socket S1g1. This socket is not compatible with ZM-XX microprocessors. What is the document part number of that Hp service manual? It'd be interesting to see it.

Socket S1.

2011-07-22 02:08:20
Posted by: Danny Jenn

I haven't seen a HP Pavilion service manual but I do know that the Socket S1 has had four generations of processor's. S1g1, S1g2, S1g3 & S1g4. I have done some reading on this subject since I have upgraded processors on a couple of my EX630 notebooks, going from the shipped RM-70 to a ZM-82. I know they're about the same speed but the ZM-82 has a 2MB L2cache instead of the 1MB on the RM-70. Needless to say that they are both S1g2 processors. I do know that S1g4 handle DDR3 memory, different Hyper Transport & I guess Quad Core's, so the motherboards are different, so I don't think I'd put a S1g4 processor in my notebooks. I guess I'd rather like to see BIOS updates that allow you to double your memory from 4gb to 8GB like the Dell D630 [that I ended up getting just for that reason]. Now that is something that would have been nice for the older DV6000's

Please help me

2012-06-05 04:33:51
Posted by: Clack

So i need to upgrade my HP DV6000, form TL50 to TL62 or TL64, how can it work?
Thanks so much.

which CPU?

2013-10-14 17:24:11
Posted by: HP-dv6000

which CPU should i choose to get the maximum on speed?
I've heard about people choosing the TL-68 with 2,4ghz.

Are there more possibilities? Anyone who did chance with success?

HP Pavillion dv6000 (AMD) processor support

2013-11-29 06:18:28
Posted by: F.Onder

any s1 socket should fit. i have changed my Hp DV 9000 to AMD Turion 64x2 TL-68 no problem at all.

athlon 1.8 Ghz

2014-04-25 09:15:30
Posted by: Nikolay Nikolov

Athlon 1.8 was running on my HP 459565-001 matherboard for dv6700. I wander if Phenom II N620 2,8 Ghz will run. I do not have it availabel to try. If someone knows .... please share your experience?

Last updated: Apr 30, 2010