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ASUS K8N processor support and specifications

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CPU support summary

ClawHammer, Palermo,
Paris, Venice
Technology (micron):
0.09, 0.13
Cores / Threads:
Frequency (MHz):
1400 - 2400
L2 cache (KB):
128 - 1024
TDP (Watt):
51 - 89

ASUS K8N motherboard specifications

Form factor:ATX
12" x 9.6" / 30.5 cm x 24.5 cm
CPU socket type:Socket 754
Front Side Bus:800 MHz
Chipset:NVIDIA nForce3
Motherboard features:EZ Flash
Multi-language BIOS
MyLogo 2
Overclocking features:CPU Parameter Recall
4 MB Flash
Expansion slots:PCI x 5
Internal connectors:ATX 12V Power (4-pin) x 1
ATX Power (20-pin) x 1
Front panel audio x 1
Rear panel ports:PS/2 Keyboard x 1
PS/2 Mouse x 1
Parallel port x 1
RJ45 x 1
S/PDIF out (Coaxial) x 1
S/PDIF out (Optical) x 1
Serial port x 1
USB 2.0/1.1 x 4
Included accessories:2-port SATA power cable(s) x 1
FDD cable(s) x 1
I/O Shield x 1
IDE cable(s) x 1
SATA cable(s) x 2
UltraDMA cables
User manual x 1

NOTE: specifications are not complete

ASUS K8N CPU compatibility list

AMD Athlon 64
2800+, Socket754AnyAny 
3000+, Socket7541008Any 
3000+, Socket754, revE61008Any 
3200+, Socket754AnyAny 
3200+, Socket754, revE61011AnyBeta BIOS
3400+, Socket754AnyAny 
3700+, Socket754AnyAny 
AMD Sempron
2600+, Socket754, rev.D, no Cool'n'Quiet1004Any 
2800+, Socket754, rev.D, no Cool'n'Quiet1004Any 
3000+, Socket754, rev.D1004Any 
3100+, Socket754, CG versionAnyAny 
3100+, Socket754, rev.D1004Any 
3300+, Socket754, rev.D1004Any 
AMD Sempron 64
2500+, Socket754, rev.E61007Any 
2600+, Socket754, rev.E3, no Cool'n'Quiet1007Any 
2600+, Socket754, rev.E61007Any 
2800+, Socket754, rev.E3, no Cool'n'Quiet1007Any 
2800+, Socket754, rev.E61007Any 
3000+, Socket754, rev.E31007Any 
3000+, Socket754, rev.E61007Any 
3100+, Socket754, rev.E31007Any 
3100+, Socket754, rev.E61007Any 
3300+, Socket754, rev.E31007Any 
3300+, Socket754, rev.E61007Any 
3400+, Socket754, rev.E61007Any 

    - This CPU may or may not be supported by the motherboard.

To determine part numbers for the ASUS K8N motherboard we used best guess approach based on CPU model, frequency and features. In some cases our guess may be incorrect or incomplete. Please always verify part numbers before committing to buying the CPU.


There are 5 comments posted

Supported CPU's

2007-05-07 12:05:06
Posted by: Superdude688

I am running an AMD Mobile Athlon 64 4000+ cpu in this motherboard as I type, which is the fastest socket 754 cpu ever made. The bios correctly identifies it (I have latest BETA bios), tho it will not work right for some reason at 13x multiplier and 200fsb. I have to make it higher fsb and lower multi like 11.5x to get it to run at full speed or higher. Therefor, this motherboard should support ALL socket 754 cpu's. Please do not yell at me if you have proof otherwise- as I've only had this cpu and my athlon 64 3000+ to test with on this board :)


2007-11-27 12:43:33
Posted by: Superdude688

the 13x multi for the 4000+ newark works now. I don't know why it was messing up when I first installed the cpu, but at first I didn't notice the multi went above 11.5x. You just have to keep scrolling down in the bios options for multi and it will keep going down to 13x. I'd recommend you stay between an 11 and 12 multi and overclock the fsb. With the stock cooler i got 2.8ghz okay for a while, 11.5 * 250. Now I upgraded to the stock 939/am2 cooler that has a copper base and heatpipes; 3ghz 12 * 250 stable :) no higher than 50C when maxed out. Though I had to mod the retention bracket *heavily* to make the cooler fit. The heatpipes were in the way so i cut out all of it besides right next to the screws that hold it on for the two tabs that hold the cooler on. hehe.

Turion 64 support

2009-04-18 08:50:43
Posted by: NoLeX

I don't know that this mobo support Turion 64 cpus.
But i read that k8n-e deluxe support the cpu, and turion 64 was tested with a k8n mobo by cpu-world staff.
I would like to buy a turion cpu and i have k8n with 1006 BIOS.

ASUS K8N with Athlon 64 Mobile 4000+

2010-02-06 16:45:45
Posted by: JDC

What beta BIOS was that? I have an ASUS K8N Ai series board which will not post with the 4000+ mobile chip no matter what I do. I have the latest official BIOS for the board.

4000+ will work

2010-08-30 22:04:52
Posted by: Atariman

Mine worked with the most recent BIOS as of this writing using a 12x multiplier + a 217MHz FSB.

Last updated: Sep 25, 2007